About Guru Mitra Sharma

Following the family tradition Guru Mitra became an astrologer at the age of nineteen. From his early age he got exposure to astrology which created interest for him to master the subject and help people to get right direction in their life. To enlighten he started his studies in 1988 at Sampurnanda Sanskrit University, Varanasi (India). He achieved his bachelor’s degree at 1992 and started his practice since 1993. He realized that gem stones are major factor of help for people to overcome the disturbances created by position of planets. He started self studies of gem stones and to get bigger exposure to knowledge he became affiliated with Real Gems one of the biggest store at Gauhati in India. During this tenure he helped people to achieve success, overcome disturbances by prescribing correct gem stones.

He further realized that, he needed more knowledge so that he could be more précised in giving accurate prediction to people. So, he rejoined Sampurnanda Sanskrit University to achieve his Master’s degree in prediction astrology at 2000 and graduated on 2001. After graduating he was now more confident and knowledgeable. He started his own practice in Gauhati and helped people there until 2004.

At the time when he was serving people in Gauhati, he realized that there are more successful astrologers in India compared to Nepal (his motherland). People in Nepal were misguided by uneducated astrologers, so decided to return his motherland and help people over there. He arrived Nepal on 2005 and established Saphal Jyotish Kendra. He was engaged in Saphal Jyotish Kendra until 2009. He saw that his countrymen were going abroad in mass, so he decided to migrate to US where he can help people of his region (SAARC Countries) and also at the same time he could help people of other nations.

He established Astro -America in New York to serve people. Today, he is a successful astrologer in USA, serving people of multinational community. He is highly reputed and trusted in USA not only in SAARC community, instead in multinational community. He believes in scientific explanation rather than superstitious explanation and advices gem stones as per position of planets rather than religious rituals.

Awards and Achievements

  • 1997, Participation Contribution in Astrology Award, National Astrological Conference, Gauhati by Padmesh K. Dubey, (President of Bharatiya Jyotish Parisad).
  • 1997, Gold Medalist; Exceptional Contribution in Astrology Award, National Astrological Conference, Bihar by Padmesh K. Dubey, (President of Bharatiya Jyotish Parisad).
  • 2006, Exceptional Contribution in Astrology Award, South Asian Astrologers Conference by Lokendra Bahadur Chand (Ex-Prime Minister of Nepal)
  • 2007, Gold Medalist; Exceptional Contribution in Astrology Award, International Astrological Conference by Dr. Lok Raj Paudel (Chairman of Nepal Jyotish Parishad)
  • 2008, Nominated Vice President of Nepal Jyotish Parisad, Regional committee.
  • 2008, Nominated President of Nepal Jyotish Parisad, Rupandehi district.
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