Get astrology predictions from the renowned “Nationally &Internationally awarded” Famous astrologer of Nepal. You can consult your friendly astrologers not only for knowing what the future has in store for you but also for getting most effective solutions for your problems pertaining to any area of life. Remember Knowledge is power know your favorable time and problems before it occurs.

 Guruji analyze your horoscope personally and suggest you required remedies.

Get Solution in these following Topics

Health Problem & Personality

Accidents, Ambitions, Appearance, Characteristics, Diseases, Surgeries, Strength and weaknesses, Talents.


Accounting, Administration, Computer Field, Engineering, Finance,  Law, Medical, Nursing, Teaching, Technical Field, etc.

Also prediction of academic future will be consulted such as, Concentration towards education, Memory power and various others.

Wealth & Property

Fortunate period to buy a house, car or make good investments/business.  Inherited property gain / retention. Period of good fortune and best opportunity,

Employment/ Career

Favorable time period for Government or private job, Transfer, promotion etc. Favorable field (such as Entertainment, Finance, Media, Sports etc).


Business field, Single ownership or Partnership, favorable time for business, Profit, Loss.

Family Problem

Any kinds of family problem such as disputes/misunderstanding among couple, children, in-laws, parents and siblings. Fruitfulness of joint family or single family.


Auspicious marriage time,  prediction of arrange or love marriage, understanding between Husband  and wife, nature of Husband or Wife, Mangalik Dosh, Intercast marriage, Divorce, prospect of marriage and understanding among boyfriend and girlfriend etc.


Birth Problem (birth conception / miscarriage), Expectation of son or girl, Children’s health and auspicious year for your child’s birth, Influence of planets of the Child in your horoscopes.


Types of accidents, time period for its occurrence,   gains/loss from it, insurance liability, Longevity and Possibility period of death and its cause.


Power to influence people, speech and leadership. Auspicious time to file nomination paper, winning probability, retention of political career and popularity among public.

Legal issues

Applying for asylum, problems faced by the court, filing a law-suit.

Lucky & Favorable Points

Colors, Days, Months, Years, Directions & Planets, Metal, Numbers, Signs.

Overseas & Travel

Auspicious time for travel, issuance type of visa, Long Travel, Permanent residence in foreign, maintenance of student visa status, Visa problem.

Yogas and Doshas

Solutions to reduce malefic effects of unfavorable planets and improve influences of favorable planets to     help you lead happy, peaceful and successful life.

Consult Guru Mitra Sharma

* Guruji can speak Nepali, Hindi, Bangla and English

Make an appointment by call or email.

Personal Mobile: 347-313-8643 , 202-421-2279 (U.S.A).


For people without birth information Palmistry consultation is also available.

 For Palm reading: – Contact Guruji directly.

For Horoscope reading

One topic:-                             Consultation time 10-15 minutes      One Topic                        Fees $21.00

Up to three topics:-              Consultation time 20-30 minutes     Two Topics                       Fees $31.00

Up to five topics:-                 Consultation time 30-45 minutes     Five Topics                      Fees $41.00

More then five topics:-        Consultation time 30-45 minutes     More then Five Topics to Eight Topics in one Session.   Fees $51.00

Click below for the person you need Consultation.

$ 21.00 /person                  $ 31.00 /person                           $ 41.00 /person

One Topic                              Two Topics                                  Five Topics

$ 51.00 /session

Full Consultation with Guruji – More then Five Topics to Eight Topics

Pay first before consultation.

*Be ready with birth information (date of birth, time and place of birth) and choose how many Topics you need for the consultation from the above Topics when you call Guruji.

Please note: Maximum numbers of Topics in one Session consulted is eight topics per person.

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