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Fully Satisfied with the service! He is very thorough and doesn’t rush, gives enough time and will answer all your questions. Most recommended!!

We saw him today. He answered our queries. I was totally blown away by his prediction. I would strongly recommend him if you have any problems regarding anything.

Guru Mitra recommended me to wear 2 kinds of gemstones rings. I was skeptical at first but it really worked and served its purpose. Certain things he predicted came true for me. I recommend you to seek his advice & counseling.

Guru Mitra is the best astrologer currently residing at Queens, NY. I would like to recommend everyone to consult him if you want suggestions and remedies related to study, business, abroad study, marriage, children, love life and so on.

When i was so worried in life you gave me a solution and now no problem exist in life you changed my life i bow to u.

Bhawna Sharma commented: “हेलो फ्रेंड मैं काफी दिनों से बड़ी परेशान थी मुझे कुछ समझ में नहीं आ रहा था फिर मेरी फ्रेंड ने मुझे इन गुरुजी के नंबर दिए मैंने इन गुरुजी से हेल्प ली आज मैं अपनी लाइफ में खुश हूं तो इन गुरुजी की वज…”
1 day ago

guur hajur ko suggestion lai follow grney xu thank you guru hajur ly time milarw hamilai rmro suggestion dinu vo thank you guru

Three Month Ago

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