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Brazilian Emerald Good Quality (5.28 Carets)-ID164

Emerald : This gem is of Mithun Rashi ( Gemini Sign) and kanya Rashi ( Virgo sign).

According to astrologers it is the gem of the mercury and is beneficial when worn in the phase of that planet. It minimizes number of troubles and diseases. It increases your memory and makes you broad minded and kind- hearted towards other. This gem can spread the business and it develops the business more.  After its use the talking capacity is improved and if anybody suffers with the stammering, he can improve gradually and will be cured. 
It is prescribed for the purification of blood for urinary diseases, colic paints, leucoderma, dumbness, deafness and especially for the treatment of diseases of the heart. It is beneficial in epilepsy, mental diseases, nasoor , skin diseases ,small pox, measles and stomach troubles etc.


Brazilian Emerald Good Quality (5.28 Carets)-ID164 Gallery