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Hessonite (Gomedak) ID-103

Gomedak or Hessonite: This is the gem of Rahu (Dragon’s head).
 It is liable to say from the accident and those who fall in accident one after another,they should wear this gem to save life. If you are liable to face any accident it will inform your beforehand in dream. Persons whose every deeds and desire always break down they should wear this gem with Firoza. It protects you from your enemies and makes you prosperous and wealthy. It shields you from evil ghosts and saves you from accident. It changes your malicious thoughts and evokes your faith towards god.
 It is indicated in acute gastric, piles, fever with cough, foul breath ,  rheumatism, suicidal tendencies, rheumatic tumors, swelling of the uterus, constipation and skin diseases ( white patches). 

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