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Hessonite ( Gomedak )
Cats Eye (Vaidurya Mani)

Red Coral Special ( 6.00 Carets )

Coral is a gem of the mars and is of Mesh Rashi. (Aries Sign) and Vrishchik Rashi (Scorpio Sign)

 This is hot gem and it keeps the body warm. It is also indicated in diseases of the liver, measles\, smallpox, ulcers, piles, blood pressure, urns, fistula, diabetes , idleness, depression, indigestion and palpitation of the heart etc. it is prescribed for a pregnant woman to prevent miscarriage. It is also worn as a preventive from an evil eye. It saves life of the wearer from serious accidents and it is beneficial for old age people to get strength & provides warmth in the body.

Red Coral Special ( 6.00 Carets ) Gallery