The image of lord Shiva appears before our eyes seeing a Rudraksha. Rudraksha originated from the tears dropped from the eyes of lord Shiva. He opened his eyes after he finished His Tapa he was on for thousands of thousands of years. A rosary of Rudraksha saves a person from many diseases.

There are one to twenty one lines drawn on the beads on a Rudraksha. These lines are called the faces of a Rudraksha.


One Face Rudraksha is very rare. Generally five and six faceted Rudrakshas are found. A rosary too is made of five faceted Rudrakshas. Others are worn alone. Rudrakshas give results according to their faces. Electric energy in the body of a person remains under control if he wears a rosary of Rudrakshas.


 It is useful for the people suffering from blood pressure and heart - diseases. If worn, it saves them from physical lunacy, untimely demise and evil spirits.

It is useful for the people having Kala Sarpa Yoga in their horoscopes. Jap of Om Namah Shivay on rosary of Rudraksha it gives much better results.

Wearing Rudrakshas and performing spiritual exercises makes the family of a person prosperous.

A person who wears it goes to Shivalok after his death.

Note :-Rudrakshas should be worn by touching them with a consecrated Shiva Ling. But before that Japs of Om Namah Shivay equal to the beads of the rosary should be performed on it. It should be worn on Monday only. It has been noticed that people, who have worn Rudrakshas by worshipping them duly, had their jobs accomplished within forty days.