Sade Sati Consideration

A horoscope is said to be under 'Sade-Sati' effect when the Saturn transits through the 12th, 1st and 2nd house from Natal Moon. It is said to be under 'Dhaiya' effect when Saturn transits over the 4th or 8th house over the Natal Moon. The effect of Sade-Sati remains for seven & a half year and that of Dhaiya remains for two and a half year. This generally affects health, mental peace & finance.


Generally Sade-Sati comes thrice in a horoscope in the life time - first in childhood, second in youth & third in old-age. First Sade-Sati has effect on education & parents. Second Sade-Sati has effect on profession, finance & family. The last one affects health more than anything else.


Find out whether you have 'Sade-Sati' effect or not and influence of the Saturn in your Horoscope.


 Any appropriate advices or the remedies will be suggested after analyzing your horoscope.



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